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Headphones, Microphones and Webcams

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Headphones for music, podcasts or phone calls are becoming more and more popular, which is matched by a wide range of headphones of all types. In the last years, wireless headphones are one of the most popular ones. Wired models are being replaced by Bluetooth headphones. There are also popular plug-in headphones. For the best music or gaming experience, choose from the over-the-head headphones.

The most basic division of headphones can be made according to their design, which means the way they hold in the ears and on the head and whether they cover the ear completely or only partially.

In-ear headphones are the most common type of headphones today when listening from phones, tablets, or laptops. These are small headphones that are inserted directly into the ear, connected by a wire or a separate wireless one. The connection of headphones and devices is ensured by the Bluetooth function. We divide these small headphones into:

Earphones - whose name is based on the shape of the plastic case, which is inserted into the ear. The quality of reproduction and their execution is at a lower level, and their price corresponds to this.

Plug-in or in-ear headphones - which are inserted deeper into the ear canal and are equipped with replaceable silicone earbuds. Thanks to their construction, they reduce ambient noise better, so there is no need for such loud reproductions as with the mentioned earphones.

Wireless over-the-head headphones will be the best companion for listening to music. These headphones are larger, so they are a little less practical (you can't put them in your pocket), but they make up for that with their performance. They have a battery most often placed in one of the shells and due to their size, they can achieve a long playing time exceeding, for example, 20 hours. One of the shells also has a control that allows you to skip songs or adjust the volume. Because the shell covers your entire ear, listening pleasure is at its best. The shells are perfectly soundproofed, so it is not necessary to have the highest volume setting.

For a great gaming experience, we would recommend choosing over-the-head headphones. It's up to you whether you choose comfort and buy wireless headphones or wired headphones. The connection via wire is very simple, today is only one USB connector that connects your headphones and a built-in microphone. If you purchase wireless headphones, please check if your device supports this type of headphones and connect them via Bluetooth.

Earphones or plug-in headphones completely wireless?

Wireless headphones are currently the most popular type of headphones. These are two separate in-ear headphones that are not connected to each other by a cable. Due to their small size and low weight, they are equipped with batteries with a capacity that allows you to listen for up to several hours. The extension of the playing time of this type is achieved by a special rechargeable case, which has its own battery from which the earphones are charged when stored in a case. All you have to do is charge the earphone case at home and then you can use them. The earphones charge automatically when placed in the case.

Last but not least, athletes will also choose in our e-shop. An important parameter of sports headphones is the degree of protection, which should be at such a level that the headphones are not harmed by rain. Runners will also appreciate the elimination of the sound of flowing air. The most important is the design of the headphones, which should prevent the headphones from accidentally falling out of the ear.

Microphones and webcams from our offer will ensure quality transmission during calls or any activity connected with a microphone and camera.

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